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Untill Next Time... [06 Sep 2004|10:57pm]
[ mood | accomplished ]

hey everyone. wow what to say, what to say. this will be my last post as noroom2breathe as i have created another account for the new chapter in my life- life after summer. so here it is:


 but for now i would like to thank everyone who helped make my journal possable (oh wow am i in the fucking Oscars now? haha lol eh whatever) to bitch- thanks for um...always being one of the first to post a comment on this. to chrissyy- OMG wtf would i do without you and your expert knowledge of the computer?? haha youve helped me all the way on this thing and i hope that in the future i can learn more from you about formatting my LJ. to susie karen laurena ali b. and chelsea thanks for always commenting in my journal....and to everyone whom i dont know personally but have gotten to know because of LiveJournal __fairlyagile, _savier_, alistro, bubbs89, curiecarmichael, dancenangel32, katythestrange, maymonro, siclilmaggot666, tehfluff, xneverletmegox_ I LOVE U ALL!!

 why the hell am i making this so final? you all gonna be put on my friends list on soca1ledchaos. pishaw. imn such a dork. anyway for your enjoyment, and for anyone else who may randomly come across this journal in the future  i have prepaired a send off gift of some enjoyment for you in the shape of PAUL AND MORGAN HAMM ON VIDEO!!! HELL YESS!!!


thank you to bethyd  for that!! ok so um i guess that about wraps it up. school tommorow!! NOOO!! lol, see you on soca1ledchaos!!

i love you all,


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[06 Sep 2004|06:24am]

OMGOMGOMG i am having a Paul and Morgan Hamm all nighter!! PARTAAYY!!

i got a new LJ friend  siclilmaggot666 from the new comunity i joined who has shown me all these AMAZING paul and morgan icons and i am IN LOVE and i cant decide which ones to use im so excited heres some of my fave links check them out yourself:




(the 3rd link also features pics of Alexandre Despatie that beautiful hott canadian diver with whom i also fell for (and ladies hes only 19!) but not as hard for as paul)

also Bitch made me some ALL NEW ICONS which i will show you here:


(dammit the fucking LJ cut thing wasnt working on the pics for some reason. hm. wutev. back to paul and morgan!!)

BWHAHA those are made by the brilliant talended genius bitchola (woah...when the hell have u ever heard me say that before??) so if u wanna take them then i suggest u ask her

and heres an AMAZINGG pic from People mag that i LOVEE 


 and i hope u like my new icon that i have chosen and i hope u LOVED this dedication and u better BOW DOWN to the god Paul and his equally godly twin bro Morgan.

thank you!,


ps- hey Bitch check out the Bend It Like Beckham icons on the 3rd link!!

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booooored [06 Sep 2004|01:26am]
[ mood | bouncy ]

hey all. today i actually got my pictures from california developed. its funny, cuz usually if i have a roll of film, it sits on my counter for a few weeks (or months) till i finally realize its there, then i have to bug my mom to drive me to a one hour photo place and i dont end up picking up the pics for another week. i know. im quite lazy. so sue me. but anyway im quite glad that this was a one-two-three kinda thing so i actually have pics to show people now (woohoo!)

so today was quite an uneventful day except for going to club fit with Bitch, working out for 45 minutes, then going to chill with her sister Danielle (a.k.a. the runt child as bitch calls her) and all her little 9 year old friends in the birthday room for Danielles b-day party (that grilled cheese i had for dinner was amazing i must say, lol)

so now im here and i just finished putting together my california photo album whcih is amazing if i do say so myself. i also have to go print out my Siddy report (which i FINALLY finished...but what am i complaining about...i didnt have to do any AP work. heh) and i should do that sometime in the near future. yeaaa.

HA! my new favorate site. i am a david and goliath whore. i was the first one to wear the boys are smelly t-shirt. so i have a special place in my heart for this company. check it out http://davidandgoliathtees.com/.

going now,


P.S- My SchedualCollapse )

P.P.S-my Siddhartha report if anyone caresCollapse )


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Of Paul Hamm And Other Less Important Things [05 Sep 2004|12:43am]
[ mood | crazy ]

hey everyone im bbbaaccckkkk from california!

 yea. i know you missed me.

Anyway, i started writing this amazing entry when i first got home which was like 2 days ago but my computer spazed, blah blah blah and that was the end of that. so now im here trying to remember everything i wrote which is kinda hard but ill give it a shot anyway.

 My vacation was a lot of fun except for the times when my dad called my mom to update her about keith and how charges were officially made against him and how he might not be let back into school and stuff (Dr. Wills decided to let him back into school partly because she knew that she couldnt keep him out for somenthing that happened outside of school and partly because my dad threatened to file a law suit against the school if she did ;-]) soo that made my mom a depressed mopey stressed trainwreak for quite a few days before she snapped out of it. i wish my dad had saved the drama for when we got back to reality. but whatever.

 i have become a huge olympic whore. seriously, since there were only like 4 channels in all the hotels we went to, i ended up just watching the olympics, whcih was always on and i just became obsessed. i mean, when they played the closing ceremony, i cried. And i watched it twice. i instantly fell in love with mens gymnastics. and Paul Hamm. Paul Hamm is GOD. i felt so bad when like the world turned against him after the whole judging controversy. Paul, i didnt turn agains you!! I LOVE YOUU!!! and i dont think hes gay although everyone else thinks he is (come on people, i mean just because he hasnt gotten his "man voice" yet and he happens to enjoy mens gymnastics does NOT mean hes gay, lol) But anyway, after mens gymnastics i continued to watch the olympics and just fell in love with it!! GO USA AND OUR 103 TOTAL MEDALS!! woohoo 4 more years till Bejing 2008 baby!! p.s- when i am 21 Paul Hamm will be 26. hell yess.

so after many long hours in the Guidence office with Mr. Murinelli, my dad got me into Drama 2!!!! YAYYY!! and not only that but he got me out of Health for this year! HELL YESSS!!! and im in a higher math class and will have to take the regents in january!! HELL NOOO!!! well what can you do about it. ill just have to *shudder* study. dammit.

 school starts in 3 days! NOOO!! where did my summer go? it seems like only yesterday i started this journal, with siobhan sitting on my bed at 3am, waiting for my cleaning people to come. well, i have decided. this journal will be my summer 2004 journal. the year that totally sucked. some examples of why-

  • -keith crashed my dads car- the beginning of it all
  • -my dad isnt making as much money as he used to anymore and my mother doesnt work anymore so were having money problems
  •  -my grandma died
  • -i got 11 C's, 10 B's and no As in my acedemic classes in school- and i failed my math final
  • -keith started sneaking out and doing more drugs, my parents actually found out
  •  -my parents started talking about divorce then realized they coundnt afford it
  • -i got fired from my job that i loved
  • -keith got involved with parker and a gun, and he got charged for it and was almost kicked out of school
  • -my mother is slipping into a serious depression
  • -some people are trying to sue us for more cash from the car accident
  • -i got my first stomach virus ever
  •  -my dads best friend in the whole world and co worker for many years got fired the other day because the company that they could do without his position to save money.

 if i think of anything else then ill list it, but thats a pretty long list already now isnt it? well i suppose i should look on the bright side of things...lol. anyway i know that sooner or later all families have there share of problems but this is just a lot of shit thats been going on. im almost looking forward to going back to school. almost. lol.

that reminds me. im making a new journal for the new school year. a fresh start. kinda nice dont you think? so if anyone wants to know, it will be called SoCalledChaos, a name that i use in a MSCL message board thing, lol. i will start making it now and it will be ready by September 7th 2004 for me to write in about school and such. so i guess i finally have room to breath after all.

well, i missed everyone and its good to be home. for now, i have to get my school stuff together and finish up my siddhartha report which (YES) i have written. amazing i know.

untill tommorow,



BWAHAH its Paul Hamm!!!! (above)


....and his TWIN BROTHER and fellow gymnist Morgan Hamm!!! (haha there are TWO of them!! WOO!!...and check out that split!! he gets a 10 in my book!!!!)

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Greetings From California! [29 Aug 2004|05:14pm]
[ mood | busy ]

HEY EVERYONE! greetings from the CyberJava cafe on the Sunset Strip in LA! god i finally found an internet cafe ive been searching for a while now. i just came from this tour of Hollywood and stuff with some driver who didnt even speak english, but it was fun anyway. well im quite glad that my mother got hungry after the tour and decided to stop for some food at this cafe here which just happened to be an internet cafe. woohoo for me!

um ok so i cant say much here cuz its like 6 bucks an hour and i have to go eat my cyber bagle (lol) but for now, san fransisco was awesome and the trolley cars were amazing. after that, we got a car and drove down the california coast, stoping at San Luis Obispo and Monterray on the way, which was quite an experence if i do say so myself. (OMG the view from the coast was AWESOME) things were pretty cool on the drive down except for the fact that my mother is the most neurotic person you will ever meet with no sense of direction whatsoever and if your ever thinking about taking a drive with her then dont. seriously.

ok well now im in LA staying in this hotel right on Venice Beach in a crappy area but a nice hotel (luckly Santa Monica, the most awesome place ever is like, one second from the hotel so we usually go there to walk around and stuff.) and besides all the freakin homeless people walking around (there are so many of them), its pretty cool. but i would actually like to get home now to see everyone again and to get my friggen school schedual which already came which my bro refuses to read to me on the phone. oh yeah. i also have to write my siddhartha report. dammitttt.

ok well when i have more time i shall write a ton more because i have actually been writing everything that i have done down so i remember it so i can share it with you people, who could care less. i also went through like 10 rolls of film already. too bad i can put pics on my computer. lol.

ok so im guessing that the next time ill update will be at home (ahh my nice comfy home with my own bed that i wont have to share with my sis!) and my mother is calling me over to eat my bagle so ill write again soon! i miss u people!

wow, i love this cafe,

♥ Kim

ps- to any briarcliffian out there who hasnt heard MRS SHLUSSLE QUIT HER JOB!! haha i just found that out today from my dad who went to get my schedual fixed for me. oh yea and MRS FRENCH AND MRS DICK-HURTUS WLL BE THE NEW VICE PRINCIPALS! dammit! having Ms Thompson as acting principal was bad enough. oh well.

pps- the weather here...is awesome.

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Buh Bye [22 Aug 2004|10:31am]
[ mood | anxious ]

so long people....im off to California

 ill try to find an internet cafe somewhere so i can maybe update. that is unless im actually having fun which will probably happen. then dont expect any updates.

 my dad coded my cell so i can make calls from Cali and people can reach me in New York. so if u wanna call to check up on me then be my guest. but for now, my mother is being a neurotic bitch, i leave to go to the airport in a half hour, my flight is at 2 and we'll land in San Fransisco at 4:00 their time 7:00 New York time. so, yea im out. hope you dont miss me too much.

 see you in 10 days,


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Camp Blues- Part 3 [21 Aug 2004|05:40pm]
[ mood | drained ]

Camp update:

i got my last paycheck today. $384.99. kinda weird i know. why couldnt they have given me the extra penny huh?

not only did i get my paycheck, i also got a pleasnt note from Karen. pishaw

Dear Kim,
Enclosed is your final paycheck. As stated in your final evaluation, you will not be eligible for rehire for future positions with the Recreation Department based on your preformance at the Super Camp this season. When evaluations are done, they are not based solely on the interaction with the campers, but on several dimensions, safety being one of them. As i have discussed with both you and your mother, the safety of the campers is our number one concern at camp. Unfortunately, your preformance put the campers' safety in jepardy.

I have enclosed a copy of your evaluation for your mothers review.

Karen Gunther

fucking bitch. the only reason that safety is there number one concern is because they dont want to screw up and have some neurotic mother file a law suit against the camp or somenthing. i hope that happens. godd i didnt even do anything that wrong. Karen was just being so damn neurotic. its not fair. it just isnt fair. now i dont think i can even be a lifeguard or a pool attendent or anything because those are rec department jobs. i cant have like any summer job in briarcliff because the rec department runs like, every good teen job here except working at like Eckerds or somenting. please god, i really hope the rec department doesnt run the pre school camp. thats my last hope.

Karen also gave me a copy of my evaluation. the horrable, horrable evaluation with the big checkmark next to the 'No'. great. now i can stare at it every day.

i had a nice discussion with the pottery lady when i went pottery making. i told her my sob camp story and she cheered me up by saying "well maybe next year there will be a new head person in charge who will let you work back at camp." i highly doubt that. but it cheered me up anyway.

i have to survive 3 more years here. 3 more summers. i can do this. i think.

*sigh* gone to wallow in my depression,

♥ Kim

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California Woes [21 Aug 2004|04:26pm]
[ mood | touched ]

Eh. im going to California tommorow. do i really want to go? i think not. im still not very excied to go for some reason and i dont really know why. i mean, some people would kill to be in my position. ive never even been out of the eastern US before. so why am i not excited? maybe im thinking about the horrable 6 hour flight there. dammit. i hate planes. or maybe its because of all the tours im going to be forced on. or maybe its because i dont own any bikinis. i dont know. but i would rather just chill here for the next 2 weeks with Bitch and my Siddhartha report. or maybe not. maybe im just overreacting. maybe this trip will be fun. or maybe somenthing will go terrably wrong. whatever.

I have too much stuff to do today. i have a ton of packing to do, plus since i didnt do my Siddhartha report yet, i think i might have to do some on the plane. (that is unless i OD on motion sickness pills.) So i have to go and print out the Siddhartha Spark Notes and some other info i found on the book. after that i gotta find somenthing to wear thats not packed and go meet up with Bitch for some serious updating. Theres a lott to discuss before i leave tommorow.


My To-Do List (not in order)

1) try to pack

2) print out siddhartha info

3) try to do some of the report

4) meet up w/ Bitch somewhere so she can tell me about Europe

5) come home and pack some more

6) ask mother to buy motion sickness pills

7) research places in Cali that have the internet/an internet cafe

ok that sounds good. i think i better start doing that list. dont worry, ill have more updates before i leave tommorow.

 blow drying my hair now,

♥ Kim

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The Lord Of Siddhartha- The Return Of The Bitch [20 Aug 2004|09:23pm]
[ mood | crazy ]

firstly WELCOME HOME BITCHHHHHHH!!!!! and congrats on your first time getting drunk....i am now an almost extinct species. the last of my kind....DAMMIT! i was gonna be the first one of the clan to get drunk. hell knows i could just go downstairs and get drunk right now. but thats no funnn. urh, i knew i should have called up ali about that party she invited me to go to...

ok now that thats out of the way....

a few things. firstly i just realized that since today is August 20th the camp sent out my last paycheck so im expecting it in the near future. yay! some good news for me.

DAMMIT. fuck a duckkkk. im doing some serious procrastination over this Siddhartha report. see, the thing is, if i dont know how to start an essay, then i just wont write it or ill put off writing it for a long time. so thats whats happening now. i cant figure out what my first sentence should be. once i have the first sentence, is all good. but for now im screwed.

ive been going to those free essay sites and gathering up some semi-useful info from there. but nothing good enough to start with. see, im thinking that im going to rebel against what is expected of people in writing this essay (people are mostly gonna write about how the life of siddhartha after he gave up all of his earthy posessions in search of the meaning for his Self was a better life then what most people lead today, since now all we care about is money and power. teachers love that kinda stuff.) but quite frankly, i would never want to be or act like Siddhartha. excuse me for thinking a bit out of the box here but who would want to live like Siddhartha who was poor and hungry and depressed all the time (quote: "life is pain") when you can live like a king or queen with your money and your power? i think i know why siddhartha thought life was eternal pain and suffering. its because he made it that way! see sometimes if you take having money and a nice life the wrong way then it can lead to greed and stuff, but i mean look at me. ive got money, a nice house, 3 cars, i go to an awesome school, i come home and colapse in front of my tv and/or laptop when i get home...pure paradise to me. so if Siddhartha was happy giving up everything he owned and everything he loved to "find his Self" or whatever, then good for him. but as for me, im happy with my money, my family, my house and my computer. so there.

i think that should be my essay. i wonder what my english teacher would say. id like to see his/her face. id laugh.

kinda random note to chrissy: so i pulled an all nighter last nite and sometime around 8 am i went downstairs and flipped to the nicktoons channel where they play all the old cartoons and the Angry Beavers were coming on. so then i was thinking to myself "haha wouldnt it be soo funny if the hippie episode came on with Tree Flower and that song "i think i like youuuuu!" cuz its like i just started hanging out with chrissy again and we were like obsessed with that episode its like a huge childhood inside joke with us dressing up as hippies and doing preformances to that song so it would be like a sign or somenthing.

so then...the episode comes on. AND ITS THE HIPPIE EPPISODEEE!!!! no joke!! how weird is that?? i was seriously about to scream it was so funny but instead i just started singing along to that hippie song!! "and we held handss/ and it was granndd/ shes so fine/ i know shes mine/ because she said/ yes she said /I THINK I LIKE YOUUUU!!!!!!!!!!!!!

mwahaha ok that was a bit weird and random but i thought i would mention it anyways. GO HIPPIE POWER!!!

wow my room is rrreeaalllyy hot,


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Purple Envelopes [20 Aug 2004|05:45am]
[ mood | horny ]

...and so i sit here...twirling my bangs into one big knot. my weird habit.

so..its 5am. yet again. you know what that means. another meaningless weird might-make-people-hate-me-but-dont-take-it-personally-this-is-only-an-LJ-after-all kind of rant.

ive decided to not have a political view of anything until im 18. this whole thing with Bush and Kerry and whos better is getting out of hand. im 15. what the hell do i know about these 2 guys? do i watch the news? do i care? i think not. much too busy watching the Noggin Channel. since i was in 6th grade ive followed my parents views of the government. strictly republican to them. we're just about the only damn ones in B-cliff too. they supported Bush...so i supported Bush. but do i like Bush? do i like Kerry? how do i know who i like? my dad says both Bush and Kerry are major scumbags. neither of them will do the US any good. hes still voting for Bush though. strictly republican i tell you. i talk to my friends all the time about hating Kerry or hating Bush even though im a republican. but once again, what the hell do i know? what the hell do they know? just because ive seen Farenheight 9/11 does not give me any political view yet. so yea. im definatly waiting till i actually have to vote before i get caught up in all of this. aw crap. too late.

well. that was pretty random.

hey look! i wrote a poem...on an envelope...yeaa.

Tell me somenthing someone
how am i supposed to feel
when everything surrounding me is all so damn surreal
while all the world is sleeping
i sit here wide awake
thinking of the memory that i was meant to break
you teased me, broke me, shuned me
pushed me to the side
like a poision tear i ran and now im here to hide
i'm that bug who's blinded
and running towards the light
the deer caught in the distance, confusion through the night
a prize of your illusions
caught so far between the lust
left outside to die alone while drowning in the rust.


*10 people yell OH GODDD what is this kim??*

woahh WOAHH watch out! i think i just pulled a katy stokes. deep meaningful shit that pisses people off or somenthing. except i have NO idea what this means. i just sorta wrote it. so dont think im a retard for writing things that dont make sense. because its 5am. and nothing really makes sense. but hey if this make sense to you, then i guess thats cool. feel free to take my poem for your away message. just remember to quote me.

it is now 5:45. and this will all sound very stupid once i wake up,


WOAH HOLY CRAP. the sun's out. scared the shit outta me...
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I HATE Essays...And The Mall [19 Aug 2004|04:04pm]
[ mood | pissed off ]

hey all. boring day today compaired to yesterdays super fun festivities. my mom and sis went to the mall. i was gonna go with them but then i thought to myself "well, do i really actually want to go?" my answer: "no!" i always force myself to go do things so i dont seem lazy or tired. but quite frankly, i am the laziest most tired person you will ever meet and i hate shopping with a passion. so you know somenthing? fuck that! i shouldnt have to feel like im forced to actually do somenthing productive on my vacation time. so instead of doing that, im chillaxin with my cats, Lapy and my tv. ahh summer.

ok wow so if anyone out there has read Siddhartha before and would like to write this analytical 350-500 word essay on the following topic then wow i would owe you my life and uh, i would marry you or somenthing lol. woohoo ok so heres the topic:

in our time and society we tend to measure the value of a persons life according to what he or she acquires: education, career, spouse, children, property status ect. Show how the journey of Siddharthas life is in an opposite direction: he sheds each and every one of his acquisitions up to the end when he is left with mere essence and pure being. if these tendencies of materialism vs. asceticism are characterististic of cultural regions, i.e West and East, argue which of the 2 you consider most advanced.

god who the hell makes this stuff up?? well anyways, get started!! *gulp* um please?...someone?...anyone?!?!....

damn summer reading,


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a dedication (pleaSE dont laugh at meee lol) [19 Aug 2004|02:41am]
[ mood | tired ]

haha wow...im amazing...its so weird there are so many Russian people who read my LJ like almost every day now another russian person pops up on my friends list. lol loves to my russian peepsss savier and alistro (who i just realized are the same person lol) chupaman (who just sorta appeared lol) and of course maymonro (my first russian friend hehe)

здравствулте! друзья, котор вы населяете холодны

bwahahah wow um i think i just said 'hello friends! you people are cool' or somenthing! wow i really hope i didnt say like 'the friends are yellow umbrellas hello' or somenthing!! HAHAHA! ok well whatever i tried. anyways its almost 3 am so im off to bed. tah

я желаю я смогло поговорить русского, (uh what did i just say?)


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POTTERYTASTIC! [18 Aug 2004|10:59pm]
[ mood | fabulous! ]

Today was one of the GREATEST days in my entire 15 years of existence if i do say so myself. so since i was feeling much better after my little bout with the stomach virus, me, Chrissy and Kirst fiinnaalllyyy went Pottery Painting! woohoo! and might i say it was one amazing experence, what with my sponged piggie bank star, kirsts's work of art mini bowl thing, and chrissy personal eating bowl which was beautiful (dont kid yourself chrissaayy i loved it!) haha and it was so fun, like we were sitting there in this pottery place in Rye and we started to notice that there were a ton of emo people walking around, one which looked strangely like Peter Belmontie (bwahahaha!!) and there was this like 13 year old girl who kept looking at us through the window as though she thought we were starting the new trend or somenthing so she stepped into the pottery place, grabbed a brochure and ran. (comepletely random i know.) so after we painted, we walked around the town of Rye which is like 10 kagillion times cooler than the town of b-cliff (wow, actually any town is 10 kagillion times cooler than b-cliff...and um wow i just made up a number. 10 kagillion?!) i mean this place had the pottery place, a Cold Stone Cremery a Starbucks and like a million weird Zagot rated restaraunts and everything!! woohoo what a party that place was! so after getting some cake batter ice cream from the Cold Stone Creamery (holy shit that stuff is the best lol) and stopping at starbucks for a bit we called my mom to pick us up, then sat on some bench to wait for her, moved as soon as we saw some homeless guy staring at us (um, yeaaa) then went to some bookstore. bwahahah what an awesome day!

so now i gotta wait like a week for my sponged up star to get glazed but sadly i wont be here so ill have 2 pick it up when i get back from California along with kirst's and chrissy's bowls (*tear* I WANT MY STAR!) and i cant wait to see it and i def think that if i have the cash, im going back to this place more often! (eh...too bad its in Rye...but im soo having my 16th b-day party there. mwahaha!)

ok so guys you know how long ive wanted to go pottery painting and im so thrilled that i finally got to go i could cry!! haha um, or not! wow am i really that pathetic? eh who cares I PAINTED POTTERY TODAY!! HELL YES!

mwahaha next up: pottery making! bring on the pottery wheel!!

until tommorow,


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Like The Eye Of The Hurricane..... [17 Aug 2004|10:41pm]
[ mood | uh..still kinda ill ]

hey all. ok wow so the sickness as far as i know has passed and has left me quite weak seeing as the only think i had to eat today was a spoonful of applesause. (i read somewhere that after u throw up your supposed to slowly introduce your body and stomach back to foods such as applesause geletan crackers soup or any light food. bit of random info there ;-P) now the only thing thats wrong is the fact that i can hardly stand up without colapsing and/or getting quite dizzy probably cuz i was like sleeping all day. but theres also a bit of bad news....my dad is sick now too! he came home early complaining that he was feeling sick all day....he didnt throw up at work but hes still really sick. my poor dad! i know how he feels.

anyway im still a bit afraid to go eat anything because i have my throwing up fears as you know so maybe ill go get some more applesause or somenthing and go lie down some more. welp im out!

hoping to never get sick again,


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Cursed? [17 Aug 2004|05:07pm]
[ mood | sick ]

wow. i feel like shit. for a number of reasons. one of them is because i got into this really stupid fight w/ alex last night about camp. seriously, all he cares about is himself hes such a coinceded little prick who only cares about how much money he will make next summer. whatever.

the other reason i feel like shit is simply because this morning, i was all pale and clamy and weak and i didnt know what was wrong- untill i threw up. disgusting. i hate throwing up. im tramatized because in 1st grade i would throw up at least once a week. seriously. whenever i said to my teacher "Ms Gold, i dont feel so good" she paid attention. so now its like, whenever i throw up i get these horrable memories of 1st grade and stuff and its really bad. im mostly pissed off at my sister. this is her fault. she just hhaadd to get a stomach virus and give it to me. luckly, mine isnt as bad as kristins bout was. she threw up 8 times and had diarehha (sp?) and ive so far only thrown up once. im feeling better cept for the fact that i refuse to eat anything cuz im too scared of throwing up again and i cant get out of bed because then i just get weak and dizzy. dammit. so for now ive got lapy on my bed and im in the middle of reading this book called Speak which i mustve read a hundred times before but its one of those books that never gets old. hopefully this little bug will be gone soon. i hope im well enough to go pottery making tommorow.

urh. going back to sleep,


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woohoo MY COMMUNITY!! [16 Aug 2004|11:17pm]
[ mood | POTTERY-TASTIC! ]

BWAHAHAHA!! you will never believe what i have just done. I have made....A COMMUNITY!! and you will never guess what its about....*drumroll*....POTTERY MAKING!! BWAHAHAHAA!! ok so everyone has to check it out im serious its not just about pottery making, its about LIFE!!! serioously its gonna be an awesome community so come and ch-ch-check it outtt (and JOIN IT!!)




Camp Blues part 2 [16 Aug 2004|05:00pm]
[ mood | drained ]

bleh. my mom called the rec department to ask if i would possably be able to work at like tree camp or somenthing next year. of course karen said no so im out of luck with that. its all really sad because i was also planning on working at camp adventure when i was older because thats like the best job but now i wont be able to. *sigh* im so retarded. my mom was also discussing with karen about what happend with me and karen explained the situation and then my mom was all "well, i know it was kims fault for taking the kids to the vending machine, but she was the CIT and where was Alex in all of this? he never tried to stop her or anything and as the head counselor wasnt it his responsability to say to her no your not allowed to do that?" and karen quote "didnt disagree with her" so now there gonna be watching Alex more carefully cuz karen was all "well he was a bit underqualifyed to be the head counselor and i do agree with you that kim was his responsability" and im all noooooo! fuck that im no ones responsability and i dont want to get alex in trouble (even though i know if he was in my situation, he would gladly get me in trouble, sadly enough.) But its kinda funny cuz i mean alex came with me and the kids before to the the machines i dont think he cared very much or knew that we werent allowed to take them or somenthing. so now im thinking yea, i know that as the CIT i was Alex's responsability but i mean it was my own mistake for taking the kids and for also having the peanut candy and alex couldnt have done much but now if he decided to come back to camp karen will keep a close watch on him or some shit like that. i think my mom is happy with this only because she hates alex in the first place because she thinks hes a jerk from what ive told her and im like "no mom he can be a very sweet guy if u get to know him" and my mom was all "no i can tell hes the biggest jerk ever". lol wow this is all very random and funny if you ask me.

 im also kinda worried cuz next year my mom was all "maybe we'll just go rent a beach house for the summer and you can all get summer jobs there" and im like "nooo i dont want to leave b-cliff for the whole summer cuz my friends are here and my life is here and im sure i could get a job as a pool attendent which wouldnt be bad at all but my mom is all "i dont care what you want if me and your father decided to rent a beachhouse then your will have to come with us." *sigh.* i think what i would really like to do is work at the pre school camp with Bitch, then when thats over at noon, go be a pool attendent. i guess that wouldnt be so bad. problem is, im not sure that they would let me work at the pre-school camp since its a briarcliff camp but its not run by karen so it might be ok. ill have to check. i really hope that its ok cuz the more i think about it, the more i really like that idea.

welp, there no more to say for today,



Pottery Making For The Soul [15 Aug 2004|01:14pm]
[ mood | flirty ]

last night, my parents went on some sort of "date" thing, or so my sister says. my bro said that they just went to buy new comforters for there bed but my sis was all "no they went out to dinner." hm. that was either to talk about whats happening with keith and what they should do, or they were discussing divorce. either way, you know that when your parents, who arent very fond of each other in the first place, go out to dinner together, then somenthing is terrably, terrably wrong.

 my sister is sick. last night she went to bed complaining about not feeling well, and this morning my mother told me that she was throwing up all throughout the night or somenthing. ew. my mom thinks its cuz kirst drank the tap water but i know briarcliff water isnt that bad. i think its cuz of her fucking low carb foods. there probably ripping her stomach apart with her low carb cookies and low carb protien bars and her low carb popcorn...god gimmie a break. that stuff is shit foods and she eats it non stop and im like "ok stop with the fucking low carb foods." anyway, i hope its not a virus or somenthing because ive never had a virus before and i haaattteee throwing up so if it is a virus, then she better not give it to me. yea. im such a nice, caring sister.

god, i have no idea how im gonna spend all of this coming week before California. all of my friends are gone so the only person i have left is Lapy my laptop, my sister and Ms Bone, and ill probably end up going to club fit with them like, every day next week. i need a hobbie. i really wish there was a pottery making/painting place around here. omg i would go like every day seriously i would be like, the sad little girl in the corner making a bowl and talking to all of the staff there cuz i would know them personally. making pottery is really soothing and relaxing and its fun too its like drawing only you dont need any talent to do it. i wish they had oppened a make your own pottery place instead of Mrs Greens in town. the pottery place would have made soo much more money than Mrs Greens any day. there would always be poor sad depressed people coming in, making pottery and molding all there troubles away. that would be awesome. i think i would get a job there actually.

 haha ok wow where did that pottery making tangent come from? well wheatever i thought it was a good idea at least. anyway, i have no idea what im gonna do today seeing as how kirst is still sick and shes currently sleeping, and i would usually hang out with her. wow thats really sad. i actually enjoy hanging out w/ my twin sister. but nonetheless, i have nothing to do today unless my mother is planning to go out, so i guess ill just hang around my house for today, like usual. if anyone is as bored as i am, call me! well go find a pottery making class somewhere!

gone to wash my hair,


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MY QUIZ! [08 Aug 2004|09:05pm]
[ mood | QUIZTASTIC!! ]

so i saw that both bitch and susie did this quiz...and well you know me....i couldnt resist! enjoy!

• × •I N F O R M A T I O N • × •
Name: Kim or Kimberly- to anyone who has a death wish- Kimmy Kimtits Kim Possible ect.
Single or taken: Single baby! WOO
Sex: Female rEpReSeNt
Birthday: November 19th
Sign: Scorpio RePrEsEnT!! (wow I gotta stop doing that)
Siblings: 2- my Kirst and a fuck up named Keith- triplets RePrEsEnT ( there I go again…)
• × • R E L A T I O N S H I P S • × •
Are you straight/bisexual/gay?: sadly, straight but life would be much better if I was a LESBIAN!!!
Who are your best friends?: uh…lemmie see. Bitch. Leigh. Kirst. Shano. Yea, I have no friends.
You have a boyfriend/girlfriend?: nope never ever cuz im SINGLE BABY
How many exes do you have?: uh none...yea...sad i know
What is your longest relationship?:uh what part of SINGLE BABY dont you understand?
What was your shortest relationship: WATS WITH THE RELATIONSHIP CRAP?! IM SAD AND ALONE GET OVER IT! lol
• × • F A S H I O N | S T U F F • × •
Where is your favourite place to shop for clothes: hOt ToPiC of course…once u get used to the freaky people that place is AMAZING
Any tattoos or piercings: haha why yes 2 holes in each ear, the 2nd ones I pierced myself one boring night, and I will hopefully have a Faerie tat on my back sometime soon ;-P
Favorite designer?: uhh...
What is your sexiest outfit?: OOOH I love my like, Juicy top with matching mini micro and my studed 5 inch heels!!! WHEEEEEE!!!
What is your most comfortable outfit?: my sweats and a tank top of course
What do you usually wear?: I don’t usually wear anything. I paint myself green and run around screaming IM A LEPRECHAUN!!!! Wow...random
• × • S P E C I F I C S • × •
Do you do drugs?: oh yea...i get drunk and high every night...hahahahah...no not really.
What kind of shampoo do you use?: Herbal Essences Rainforest Fresh RePrEsEnT!!!
What are you most scared of?: my 4 fears- Dying Tornadoes Rollercoasters and Tampons which im actually not afraid of anymore but I just don’t like them ;-P wow TMI
What are you listening to right now: my mom and brother screaming at each other of course...ahh the natural sounds of the Abrams household...
Who is the last person that called you?: on like a phone?? I don’t call people I IM them…but actually I last called Shannon on my cell
Where do you want to get married?: either a garden somewhere in Europe or a peaceful sandy beach. And I want a simple wedding with a simple but beautiful dress. Wow look at me. Ive never dated anyone and already im planning my wedding.
How many buddies are online right now?: mmm...26...10 are away, 5 are idle and 2 are away and idle.
What would you change about yourself?: uhh...i don’t like my nose (?)
• × • F A V O R I T E S • × •
Colors: Pink oddly enough...but pink and black together are AWESOME
Foods: welllll...lets see...dunkin donughts, pizza, chocolate, Pringles, cape cod potato chips, gum, cookies and of course chocolate chip cookie dough ice cream...yea i know i will be dead when im 20.
Girls names: WHO SAYS IM HAVING KIDS?? STOP THE MADDNESSSS ( although if I did have kids...well I cant think of any names)
Boys names: see above
Subjects in school: drama, chorus, gym, free, more drama, more chorus...wow that would be an awesome school day wouldn’t it?
Animals: KITTIES OF COURSEE!! Woah there so furryyyy cats RULEEE
• × • H A V E | Y O U | E V E R • × •
Given anyone a bath?: uhh...
Smoked?: nope cuz im a LOSER WOO!
Bungee jumped?: not yet...
Made yourself throw up?: yea...im bulimic...did u know? ;-P
Skinny dipped?: haha why yes one time in a lake in cape cod. WOO good times. But lets not get into that right now...
Ever been in love?: yeap...3 times not counting Jason in preschool that little pimp
Made yourself cry to get out of trouble?: of course ;-P
Pictured your crush naked?: haha well...
Actually seen your crush naked?: well if I did then he wouldn’t be my crush no would he? LOL
Cried when someone died?: actually no...2 of my fam members have died...and I never once cried about it...and I don’t know why...
Lied: no...OH DAMMIT..there I go lying again...
Fallen for your bestfriend?: well no cuz that would be weird and im not a lesbian
Been rejected?: i never have enough nerve to make a move, so no (haha good one Susie)
Rejected someone?: well obviously if I never dated anyone then no
Used someone?: haha yea...once...all my close girls know what im talking about...but I couldn’t help it it was FUN and I was bored...wow I am SUCH a bitch
Done something you regret?: no im perfect...oh wait yes I have.
• × • C U R R E N T • × •
Clothes: my sweats and tank top of course. Oh and my hair's a greasy mess and I smell like crap and im wearing my ugly glasses...ahh Sundays...
Music: well currently it’s the sound of my typing and my dads tv blasting downstairs
Smell: my nasty pits and my sisters even nastier low carb brownies
Desktop picture: a sandy beach...wish I was there right now...
CD in player: Linkin Park of course...its amazing to work out to
DVD in player: who says I watch DVDs huh?? Who says I even HAVE a DVD player HUH??? Yea...um theres nothing in my DVD player at the moment ;-P
• × • L A S T | P E R S O N • × •
You touched: myself...EW NOT IN THAT WAY YOU PERV
Hugged: my cat of course
You IMed: chelsea
That IMed you: susie
You yelled at: my kids in camp for being annoying
You kissed: my cats of course!
• × • A R E | Y O U • × •
Understanding: yup
Open-minded: yup
Arrogant: yup
Insecure: yup
Random: duh
Hungry: duh squared
Smart: yup im a genius cant you tell... dont answer that
Moody: yup
Hard working: nope
Organized: yup
Healthy: not at all
Shy: nope
Difficult: yup
Attractive: hell yea...oh wait...nope
Bored easily: duh I wouldn’t be doing this quiz if I wasnt
Obsessed: yup...with you. Heh.
Angry: yup
Sad: yup
Happy: yup
Hyper: yupyup
Trusting: uh...
• × • W H O | D O | Y O U | W A N N A • × •
Kill?: you. MWAHAHAHAH.
Slap: you silly.
Get really wasted with?: haha my friends of course
Get high with: the football team
Talk to offline: you
Talk to online: people in china
Sex it up with: hahaha GROWLL
• × • R A N D O M • × •
In the morning I: am a fucked up mess. Stay away till ive had my 6 bowls of froot loops
All you need is: Love! Love! Love is ALL YOU NEED! (well that and some cash, a car good grades...)
I dream about: you of course
What do you notice first in the sex you're into: well it used to be whos cute but now its if I can stand them for long enough and if they just do something to catch my eye. Cuz I am of course a hopeless romantic lol.
• × • W H I C H | I S | B E T T E R • × •
Coke or Pepsi: um aren’t they the same?
Flowers or candy: candy flowers
Tall or short: tall



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